Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a party?

First, pick a date and time to have the party. We can do that over the phone or via e-mail. Once that is done, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your choice. The deposit is deducted from the balance of the party which is due the day of the party. If you cancel we will not refund the deposit but if something comes up and the time doesn't work we will move the party based on our availability.

Can we bring more than 25 participants?

Yes, the price of our parties is based on a party for 13 or 16 kids(ages 1-15 years of age). The additional cost for additional kids over the number of kids for that particular party is $8 per child for princess/pirate party & $5 per child for all other packages, our maximum number of participants is 30. We strongly recommend no more than 30 kids unless you add more time to the party.

Can I have a party for 2 children?

Yes, but there will be a $50 charge for the second birthday child. All parties are for one birthday child and when a second is added, there are more gifts and time needed to serve the party successfully. This allows us to have two coordinators in the party room.

Can I bring in my own food?

You may bring in your own birthday cake, drinks, dry snacks and individual ice cream cups.

Can we bring in our own pizza?

We have a wonderful pizza vendor and we ask that you use them. Clean up fees, trash disposal and serving fees are all included in our price. Plus liability is also an issue. If you do bring in your own pizza there will be a $7 service fee for each pizza. This will be added to your bill to cover the other fees mentioned above.

Can I bring in veggie trays or fruit trays?

If you choose to do so we will add a $25 service fee for each item that you bring in. Or you can purchase them from us.

Do we share the facility with other parties?

Our parties are two hours long. The first 80 minutes is spent in our jumper room, Air hockey and rock climbing, and the last 40 min in the food room where pizza and cake will be served. There will be no other outside people in your party rooms, only you and your guests.  As you move from room to room a new party will start in the room behind where your party is located.

Is 40 minutes enough time in the party room?

Ideally, if you are only having cake and opening gifts then 40 minutes is enough. When you serve pizza, cake, and gifts then we may take 10 minutes from the activity rooms and put it in the party room.

Do we have to serve the cake?

Each party has a coordinator who will set up the party room for you, serve the party and assist the birthday child with opening gifts. Our goal is for you, the host/hostess, to be a part of the party and enjoy your guests.

If I want to add time can I?

Our parties are 2 hours long, but if you would like to have more time the cost is $50 for 1/2 an hour.

If we run over the 2 hour limit what will happen?

We are a full service facility and we do our best to have your group out on time. We give your party an 8 minute grace period after the ending time of the party. If you run over that time we will charge $25 for each quarter of an hour. The party following your party deserves to have their party stay on schedule.

If I have less than 16 kids do I have to pay full price?

Our parties are for 13 or 16 kids and the price for that particular party that you have chosen does not change. There is an additional $5 fee per child up to the maximum of 30 children.

Can I sign a Waiver for someone elses child?

No, only a legal guardian or parent can sign a waiver for a child that isn't yours. If you bring guests that are not yours please bring a completed waiver signed by that child's parent.

What if my child forgets the Waiver?

Only the parent or legal guardian has the right to sign the waiver. The parent must come to the facility to complete the waiver or the child will not be able to play.

What does the price of the party include?

The party includes the 2 hour rental of the facility for your private party plus a party coordinator to help with your party. We have miniature bowling, rock climbing, jumping and game tables as well as the karaoke room as part of the package. We supply a generic set of paper products to serve your party: plates, napkins and forks. Your party invitations are also included. If you bring in your own drinks we ask you to supply your own cups. We do offer a Parti Upgrade with colorful plates, napkins, cups, one dozen balloons and a Happy Birthday Banner with your child's name for $23.99.

Can I bring in my own decorations?

Yes, if you want a theme for your party you can bring in your own. We ask that you do not bring in streamers, confetti or items to be hung on the wall. You may bring in a banner. If you put confetti out we will charge a $25 clean up fee.

If kids are out of control and a food fight occurs what will happen?

We understand that kids like to have fun, but food fights are not acceptable. They will be a $25 clean up fee added to your bill.

If I cancel my party will I be charged?

Our cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel your party 7 days prior to your scheduled party you will be charged 50% of the party balance. If you cancel within 72 hours of your party date all fees for the party will be charged to you. Any other cancellations the deposit will not be returned.